A night to remember: Wesley G. & Friends

Yesterday there was a very nice concert at Jazzkeller in Frankfurt. The Jazzkeller is one of the most known Jazzclubs in Europe. It was founded in 1952 and has seen all the great stars in Jazz. To say it with their own words:

… Johnny Hodges drew his own beer form our tap. Louis Armstrong spilled red wine all over his tuxedo, trying to maneuver through the crowd. Dizzy Gillespie had some difficulty blowing his horn after we provided too many complimentary drinks…

You see: It’s nice, comfy and has an atmosphere like the Village Vanguard in NY. Yesterday evening there were Wesley G (Guitar), Alberto Menendez (Sax) and Rudi Engel (Bass). They played a wonderful set full of well known Standards. Sometimes in very rare moments it happens right out of the box: The air is filled with magic thus happened yesterday. They played very smooth and relaxed. Their interpretation of „In a sentimental mood“ and the title music of the Flintstones were absolutely stunning.

Wesley G. is well known in Frankfurt and a regular performer at the Jazzkeller. He plays every Saturday throughout August. Next chance to see him: 26th of August.

Village Vanguard of Frankfurt

The Jazzkeller in Frankfurt is my famous Jazzclub at all. I’ve seen clubs in London and New York, but he is still the best. Right now there’s a well known Guitarist accompanied by bass and Sax. It’s unbelievable. More to follow…


At http://www.musikethos.org/ you’ll find a lot of MP3 files, all legal to download without paying a Penny. All files are from artists and composers which died a long time ago and where the rights are „public“ right now – or from living artists/composers that agreed to the downloads.

It’s worth a try because you’ll find a lot of fine titles there which are unknown to a broad public (did you know that Claude Debussy made a Raphsody for alto sax and piano?).

Streaming Radio…

Nachdem ich länger nichts mehr zu Musik geschrieben habe, hier nun eine Empfehlung – habe es heute erst entdeckt.

SKY.FM bietet eine Menge an sehr coolen streamenden Sendern an. Einfach mal reinschauen, es lohnt sich bestimmt und es ist für jeden etwas dabei! Am Coolsten ist IMHO Roots Reggae… :-)

Neuerwerb: Nightwatch von Silje Nergaard

Gleich vorneweg, die CD Nightwatch von Silje Nergaard gefällt mir sehr gut! Leider ist jedoch auch bei ihr ein Trend zur „Verkitschung“ zu beobachten, der mir persönlich nicht so gut gefällt. Diane Krall z.B. ist so ein Fall, die ja leider nur noch mit aufwändigem Streicherensemble ihre Arrangements verkitscht. Dennoch, Silje Nergaard ist noch nicht soweit, und das ist auch gut so! So kommt diese CD sehr beschwingt daher, die Kombo spielt sehr erfrischend und ist gut eingespielt. Diese CD beinhaltet sehr feine Jazzmusik, die gut mit einem feinen, leichten Whisky harmoniert ;-)

Nightwatch von Silje Nergaard
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